How it all came to be

A mother and a daughter, each with their own unique gifts, were drawn to the Regency Era by its simple yet elegant fashion. This simplicity was what caught their attention because it represented their passion for the quiet yet meaningful aspects of life. Regency social manners were all politeness and gentility, qualities of character which is so admired.
Several years ago they began their journey to recreate this time period using the few talents and skills each possessed. The mother, born and raised in the beautiful country of Germany, graduated with a bachelor's degree in men's tailoring. She used that training to design, create and sew all the costumes used in these images.
The daughter, who has a degree in graphics design and also loves photography, took all of the beautiful photographs. It was no easy task to find just the right places to use as our backgrounds. We drew much inspiration by watching Jane Austen movies again and again for pose ideas and gathering just the right people to be part of our modeling team. We were blessed with a great team that included single and married ladies, couples and even complete families! More than 25 models were used in the creation of this project, what you see is only a small sample of our work.
The journey took a year to complete which ensured we would have all four seasons and lead us throughout North and South Carolina. We received many odd looks and several second glances while doing our photo shoots which often lasted four hours. We were blessed with great weather and wonderful friends who encouraged us along the way; without their support we would never have been able to complete this project which totals several thousand pictures!
Our goal was to give people a chance to enjoy once more this brief yet well loved time period, tucked neatly between the European Georgian and the elaborate Victorian era. The Regency Era was, of course, made famous through the works of Jane Austen in her beloved books. A time period that will, though brief, always be remembered for its graceful and charming lifestyle.
We hope you will get pleasure and enjoyment from these images and perhaps let them take you back to a special time; a return to innocence!
Thank you for your interest and we pray that God will be glorified. 

Return to innocence

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